As you know I am a breeder and I take pride in all our dogs.

Recently there was a recall on the Diamond Lamb & Rice Adult Dog Food. I have told all of my people who have purchased our puppies to use the Diamond Brand Puppy food and then swithch to the Large Breed Dog food. I have not had a problem for the past 5 years of breeding untill this recall...on April 6, 2012 .

 My son's 2 year old Rottweiler Weeman got very sick in March of 2012 he was loosing weight, throwing up, loose bowls,drinking water non stop like he could not get enough water. Finally he became lifeless and his tongue and gums became white. 
We thought he needed to change his dog food so we switched to Taste of the Wild. We took him into the vet they did blood work and came back 1/2 hour later and told us that his kidney count was off the chart they could not even read it and was amazed that with the levels being that high he was still alive.

The vet told us that he only had around 2 days to a week to live take him home give him what he wanted and bring him back in when we needed to put him to sleep. I looked at the vet and told him I am into natural products and I will go home and do a research into what I can give him. Of course he said do what you want and then bring him back when we can put him to sleep.

We were in such shock that I did not hear him say lets keep him for 2 days and give him liquids because he is so dehydrated. So we took him home on Friday and Monday we took him back and left him for 2 days for them to give him fluids. Wed. we picked him up and still no change. Brought him home and I began my research. I found this wonderful site  I contacted them and spoke with this wonderful lady Amanda and I told her my story. Our story she has heard many times.

 She over-nighted the product for his kidneys and the next day Friday we took him and placed him on her diet and the liquids she sent. He was given fluids in the skin 4 times a day for 2 weeks to stop the dehydration even though he was drinking lots of liquid his kidneys were only operating on about 1%. He stopped throwing up. He was eating 4 small meals a day and not drinking as much water. After 3 weeks of treatment, he began getting his strenght back he had not thrown up at all. He is eating raw meat sometimes cooked but not all the way.  with oatmeal and brown rice, vegetables, boiled eggs,salmon oil (very good for the kidneys) enzymes for digestion and ginger root pills for the acid in his stomach. He gets his kidney vitamins 4 times a day. It has been 6 weeks now and he is gaining weight his gums are getting color back into them he is running and chasing the other dogs. Not sleeping alot like he was and the vet said to pat him on the head that he was a miracle dog. YES HE IS!!!
 But I know it is from the dog food that was bad and when we changed his diet and began flushing his kidneys with all the good vitiams and herbs he began to heal.. We will be taking him into the vet in 3 more weeks because we are going to do 2 of the 3 week treatment to make sure his blood count will be up on his kidneys. If he has kidney damage because he lost all of his good cells we can still give him a good life and keep him alive with what we are doing. We are not sure how much of his kidneys will be functioning untill after the test. Once the cells are distroyed they can't grow back but he can still live a good life being pampered.

Please go to this link  and sign up to get alerts for Dog Food Recalls it could save your dogs life. We can't guarantee that all dog foods are safe. We are taking a chance on what we trust these companies with to feed our dogs. I trusted Diamond untill now so I was going to Taste of the Wild but because it comes from the same factory I will switch to one of the ones below..... you can choose from........ 4Health ( at tractor supply) others at pet stores, Canidae, Blue Buffalo, Cowboy Cookout by Merrick, Natural balance. The more natural the better. if you can make their dog food do it !!  MAKE SURE YOU READ THE BAG TO SEE WHO THE MANUFACTURED AT !!!!  Once they have a contaminated food they DO NOT CLEAN THE FACTORY OUT SO OTHER FOODS GET CONTINAMETED ALSO.....  I WILL NOT BUY DIAMOND BRAND AGAIN  ( another recall on April 26 2012  on Chicken of the soul) thats scarry its in a 2 week time slot they have contaminated dog food....There are recalls on a monthly basis PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get on their email list to have the warnings sent to your email Your PET IS SO WORTH IT !!!!

I hope this has helped eveyone.... from one pet owner to another 


Weeman only 6 months old

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