I have been the proud Mom and Grandma of puppies from Teesha & Tondrin, Bella & Moose, Myia & Tondrin and Allie & Tondrin . I am making this page with some very important info people need to know about their puppies and dogs.

I am a cancer suvivor and I never did raditation or Chemo. I am into very natural products because of my cancer bout I have learned that if you feed the body properly it will heal itself and this is also true for dogs..

My first male Rotti had a lump that was cancer the vet wanted to give him steriods to make him confortable. I refused and brought him home and began to administer my strong antioxidants supplement that I had been taking. He ended up a few weeks later getting some kind of eye infection. I took him back to the vet. The vet did a double take and asked me if this was the same dog and I said yes but of course as I began to tell him what i had done he had no interest, of course there was no money in it for him. So Titian lived for another 2 years this began a time for me to research on dogs and I discovered that a lot of the dogs were dying at such a young age. I began putting 2 & 2 together and realized that more and more of the dog food is killing our dogs.

​​Their is so much grain and artficial  ingredients that have no nutrician at all. You are what you eat... I only feed my dogs food with no corn, grain or by-products. These are just fillers they add to the dog food and there is hardly any good ingredients that they are absorbing. Do your self a favor and do a search on line for good dog food. I can tell you what I feed mine.. I use 4 Health  it has none of the above ingredients it has chicken or lamb with rice. I cook oatmeat with brown rice and I mix that all in their food once a day. I use raw vegs. for snacks they get carrots, potatoes, broccolli spears, sweet potatoes.

​​ No dog years ago went to the door and asked for Kibbles & Bits they ate the table scraps from the table. The dog food industry has domesticated our dogs where we think that table scraps are bad and they need their dog food. I eat healthy so why can't my dog eat what I have taken myself? The dog food industry has become a billion dollar industry killing our dogs same as the cancer treatment centers. IT ALL GOES BACK TO NUTRITION !!! YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!


SIGN UP FOR THIS ON YOUR EMAIL they will send you alerts when their is a recall on any dog food or treats. DO NOT BUY THINGS FROM CHINA and give them to your dogs.

Dog Food Advisor alerts@dogfoodadvisor.com


​​Front Line used for fleas is a chemical.. WOULD YOU PUT THAT CHEMICAL ON YOUR BODY ? Vets won't tell you but a simple dose of BREWERES YEAST & GARLIC pills given to your dog on a daily basis from April untill Nov. (stop after the first 3 frosts, frost kills the fleas.) Their our natural sprays and oils that can be used. People who spray their lawns with chemicals are harming their dogs and children your feet take in the chemical and it goes through the body.   Bathing your dog in a simple solution of Dawns liquid soap will kill fleas.. Chemicals are harmful they go into the dogs pores and into their system. 


Puppy Guidelines I Follow Bylers Rotti Clan
DO NOT TAKE TO PARK until all of the shots have been given Rotti’s are prone to PARVO.

Puppies love to chew so make sure you have a puppy safe house and if not watch them at all times they can swallow anything they do not know the difference. Be careful of electrical wires.

ANTIFREEZE is deadly to any dog !!!!!!!!! don't store in garage or leave on drive or garage floor they will lick it up.....

If your puppy occasionally eats a small amount of grass that hasn’t been chemically treated there should be no need for you to worry. It is important to not let your puppy eat or play on recently chemically treated grass. Some chemicals can cause severe illnesses in dogs and puppies and perhaps even death. Just always be aware of your surroundings. Treating your lawn or weeds with Roundup or Seven is very toxic for your animals. It goes into the pads of their feet and I believe it is a big reason dogs get cancer. ITS POISION....

If you feel your dog has swolled something harmful hydrogin Proxide is used to make them puke imediately. a couple of tablespoons full should make them puke it up right away. ​

​Toxins for Dogs

Raisins, Chocolate, avocado, grapes, are toxic for a dog. They love raw vegs. And fruit. Give them raw potatoes for a bone and large carrots. I give them the stalk from the broccoli to chew they love it.

Bloat is a disorder that causes the stomach to fill with gas. Sometimes the stomach twists, which can cut off blood supply and become life threatening. Although bloat predominately occurs in adult dogs, you can help avoid it by decreasing your puppy's risk factors. According to Marvistavet, use some canned food in the diet, feed healthy table scraps occasionally, avoid making your puppy stressed and feed at least twice a day. Small amounts of cooked meat (except turkey), cooked vegetables, bread, pasta and any nontoxic foods are good for table scraps

RAW bones with the meat not cooked are great for them also raw hamburger.

I feed my dogs 3 times a day when they are puppies After 6 month 2 times a day.
When feeding puppies make sure you are petting them and take their food and giving it back so they get use to people around them when they eat so they won’t become food aggressive. The same with a bone take it and give it back a few times so they don’t try to bite when you take it away. Some dogs get very aggressive with their food and bones you must work with them and not let them get away with it and think it is cute because they will grow up and do the same and then you will have no control over that dog.

I cook a large pot of oatmeal and brown rice each week and the large dogs get 2 cups in morning meal and 2 cups in evening meal. Puppies I feed a little in each meal mixed with the mush.

Crate Train
if possible it is safer for the dog when you leave. At night if you don’t have a safe place by you then let them sleep there close to you if possible. They will cry the first few nights away from their pack and mom.SPOIL them they will need it. Some of them might even howl the first few nights.

The puppies have been paper trained so they should go on the newspaper. Puppies need to go outside every ½ hour they are active. When they first wake up, after a play period, (and especially before they go to bed when the are older ) Talk to them and tell them do you want to go potty or whatever they will get use to that sound when you ask them to go out each time, Treats should be given after each potty time and make sure you praise them and tell them good boy or girl and pet them and then give them the treat and then say lets go in the house. Even if you have to hold them to bring them in at first which you will still talk to them. PRAISE is so important with a reward.
Chewing puppies are teething they need to have something at all times or they will chew what you don’t want them to. So give them things they like to chew. Raw bones are the best. RAWHIDE can damage a puppy and even a large dog. They are plastic it’s not natural. MAKE SURE it is large enough they can’t swallow it.


4 Health (with no corn, soy or wheat, you don't digest corn so how can a dog?) is what I feed my dogs. you can get at pet store or Tractor Supply. Give them puppy formula untill 1 year old then get large breed dog. for large dogs.  The pet stores are high on their prices. Feed 3 times a day around 1 cup soaked in water. I add the rice and oatmeal with the food.

make sure they have that close to them at all times. Cut off their water supply at 7pm their little bladders can't hold water all night long untill after 6 months of age. They won't starve or dry up with not food or water untill morning. Ice cubes are great for their teeth it will clean them.

Leash start a puppy out right away with a collar and lease. Even if they just walk around the house with the leash they will get use to it and not fight it.

I DO NOT USE CHEMICALS on my dogs. I use the following for fleas. I order from ONLY NATURAL PET 888-937-6677
Website is onlynaturalpet.com if you call they are wonderful they will answer any questions you may have. I have ordered from them for a few years never had a problem with them.
Breweres Yeast & Garlic Tablets ( 999045 catalog#)
Herbal Defense Spray (999034 catalog #) follow directions
Herbal Defense Oil (999193 catalog #) follow directions
Flea Collar (Natural Research People Herbal flea collar) (412001 or 2 #) in catalog in the spring I order the collars around end of April beginning of June when the ground dries out. It will last for 3 months. Using these products will keep your dog healthy and keep the fleas off or down to a minimual.

​​I use DAWN detergent to bathe dogs for fleas it will kill them. You can sprinkle sea salt on carpet and it will kill fleas and eggs. Flea spray and chemicals to kill fleas is to me toxic. WOULD YOU PUT THAT CHEMICAL ON YOUR BODY ???


When they turn 6 months old I give them Super Daily Vitimins & Enzymes (999064 catalog #) I scoop in their food a day.
Salmon Oil is very good for their skin & Coat I give a few squirts in their food daily after 1 year old.  (999161 catalog # ) or you can use a fish oil capsule that is 1000 mg. just poke a hole and squeeze on their food.

Order the following below from DRS. FOSTER & SMITH 800-826-7206


De-worm medicine PRO-Wormer 2 8oz. I generally get if you want more it won’t go bad it has a 3 year shelf life you don’t have to Ref.
They have been dewormed at 5 ½ weeks old follow the directions for the next deworming I use Pro-Wormer2 ( BAF30312) catalog number

Shots I give all of my dogs their shots.. I do not go to the vet only for their rabies shot that is by law they have to get them from a local vet. I do not fall for all these shots the vet say that a dog needs heartworm etc. It is a big racket and if you are feeding your dog healthy food and watching what it chews you will have a dog live a long and healthy life span. Rotti's live from 10 to 12 years. Whe you take your dog to the vet they are catching what ever is going on there and if there is parvo there don't take a chance for the puppy to pick it up. Find a nurse friend to give the shots if you can't or bring them back to me and I will give them for you.

5 Way- only Spectra (AF-32561) catalog # I DO NOT GIVE 7 WAY shot their are ingredients in there that a dog really does not need.

First set of shots was given at 6 weeks they will need shots at every 3 weeks until 16 weeks old.

They scare easy so go after them slowly when they are puppies so they do not get scared (example. Vacuum cleaner, broom,)
You are the pack leader When a puppy gets aggressive you need to turn them on their side and make them submit by placing your fingers into their neck. 

Car rides are necessary short distances to start so they will get use to the car and not get car sickness. DO NOT FEED 1 HOUR before the ride. Open windows only far enough for their head to go out or they could jump out or fall out. DO NOT PUT DOG IN FRONT SEAT.

Puppies have very sharp teeth. Small children should be supervised, as the puppies do not know any better. You as a responsible parent need to take and place it into the puppies mouth and say here bite this to train them to bite a toy and not a person. especially use a pull rope it works good. If a child was to pull away the puppies sharp teeth can injury the child. They will think that a child is there pack friend and will play with them like they did their brothers and sisters so PLEASE SUPERVISE.

PLEASE DO NOT STRIKE A PUPPY WITH YOUR HAND  or hit a dog at all Puppies can learn very well with out hitting them. You will make them aggressive and they will defend themselves if they are hit.  Your loud voice with a NO is the best.  Or tap their nose. 

) Take full responsibility for this dog and all its needs for the next 10-15 years? This is NOT a task that can be left to children!
2) Invest the considerable time, money and patience it takes to train the dog to be a good companion? This does not happen by itself!!!!
3) Always keep the dog safe; no running loose, riding in the back of an open pick-up truck or being chained outside? Puppies will chase an animal so even when you think they will stay by you when they get their mind on a prey they will run so when outside keep close to you on a leash for the puppies safety.
4) Make sure the dog gets enough attention and exercise? Rotti's need 45 min. of exercise a day.
5) Live with shedding, retrieving, drooling and high activity for the next 10-15 years?
6) Spend the money it takes to provide proper veterinary care including but certainly not limited to: vaccines, heartworm testing and preventative, spaying or neutering and annual check ups?
7) Keep the breeder informed and up to date on the dog's accomplishments and any problems that may arise? Take your questions to the breeder or other appropriate professional before they become problems that are out of hand?
8) Have the patience to accept (and enjoy) (which can last for three or more years) and each stage afterward? Continue to accept responsibility for the dog despite inevitable life changes such as new babies, kids going off to school, moving or returning to work?

Having your puppies fixed. I want you to think about this and you make that choice what to do... A female puppy should go through at lease one heat. She should grow to her maturity before her organs are removed. It would be like taking your teenage daughter in and telling the Dr. to remove her reproductive glands before she matures. The hormones then have to be given by a pill. and some other false medication. It upsets the natural course. A male dog should not be nutered before a year also. If you are a responsible owner then the male is not going to take off and get the neighborhood dog pregnant. Male dogs don't even think about that untill they are mature. A 6 month old puppy does not even know what he is doing . The female is in heat for 3 weeks only twice a year. and the 2nd week is the only time a male can penetrate her. So to be fair to your dogs health let him or her grow completely before you decide to have them fixed.
Please keep in touch I really like to update website with pictures of the babies as they mature. SEND PICTURES !!! MOST OF ALL IF YOU CAN'T TAKE OF THE DOG THEY COME BACK TO ME THEY DON'T  END UP IN THE WRONG HANDS !!!

I hope this information has helped you all

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